OraBliss is a CBD oral health care company founded and operated in Los Angeles, California. Our brand is focused on reinforcing oral health by providing an all-natural and refreshing CBD oral care product line that is infused with pure Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Oil. As avid supporters and users of hemp and CBD oil for its holistic benefits, our founders believe the merger of CBD and oral health care was inevitable and should be embraced.

OraBliss CBD oral care was created to explore ways CBD could best be applied to oral hygiene products in order to maximize health benefits. Our company takes pride in its mission to provide all-natural, CBD infused oral care products, with ingredients that are hand-selected and free of harmful additives such as Parabens, Triclosan, Alcohol, Sulfate, Gluten and GMO.

Additionally, our products are infused with pure Nano-Isolate CBD -- a true nano-emulsion that uses targeted sonification and purification techniques to provide the purest and most efficient form of delivery. Our ultimate goal is to provide customers with the highest standard of CBD infused oral care in the purest, honest and most effective form.

At OraBliss, we believe in organic wellness and that proper oral healthcare should not be an obstacle for any individual. A product is so much more beautiful when it not only provides value in our life, but adds value to others. That is why we have teamed up with several non-profit organizations such as Global Dental Relief (GDR) to donate oral health care kits to communities around the world that lack access to proper oral healthcare. Oral hygiene tools such as the toothbrush are some of the most important preventive tools we can provide to these underserved communities.

We take pride in being able to make a small yet impactful change in the world, and our customers can guarantee that their purchase will provide a smile to those who need it the most!

Dr. George Simonyan, DDS
Co-founder | Dentist


Tadeh Gharib, CPA
Co-founder | Certified Public Accountant


Dr. Romela Minasyan, PharmD
Pharmaceutical Director

Sipan Beglaryan

Sipan Beglaryan
Strategy and Business Development