8 CBD Oil Uses That May Surprise You

Ever since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States, CBD has seen an explosion in its production and use. Around 7% of Americans are taking CBD regularly, while 18% have tried it at least once. Even though these figures appear to be low, they have been rapidly rising within the past couple of years. The CBD industry itself is valued at around $1 billion and is projected to grow to $2 billion within the next year.

Why is CBD so popular? It could be due to the fact that there are a number of extraordinary benefits it provides. In fact, there are numerous studies occurring all of the time that continue to uncover additional benefits and properties of CBD oil.

Both physical and mental issues can be treated with CBD oil. Everyone from children to adults to pets can benefit from this natural non-psychoactive cannabinoid sourced from the cannabis plant. There are also many ways to take CBD that have made consuming it easy and even enjoyable!

CBD Oil Uses

We will have to add a disclaimer that the US Food and Drug Administration does not allow for statements to be made that say CBD “can” or “does help with any specific condition. However, what we can do is inform you about how CBD “may” help for certain health conditions and issues.

With that out of the way, here are the best uses for CBD oil that may surprise you:

1. Pain Relief

CBD is perhaps most well-known for how it may be effective in providing pain relief. Whether you are an athlete or someone who suffers from arthritis, you may get fast-acting relief thanks to taking CBD oil.

Depending on how much CBD you take, you may receive either more or less pain relief. If you are suffering from something like a mild headache, you will just need to take a little bit of CBD to melt that pain away. However, if you are dealing with chronic pain, then you will likely need a lot more CBD oil to get the pain relief you are after.

2. Anxiety Relief

Reducing anxiety is another major benefit that may come with taking CBD oil. Anxiety can be considered pain, but the mental kind. However, just because it isn't physical doesn't mean it can't feel just as uncomfortable. If you have ever dealt with anxiety, you know just how terrible it feels. Thankfully, CBD may help with this as well. It is one of the most popular reasons for taking CBD today.

Whether you suffer from social anxiety, are plagued with worries about money, the future, or something else, or have just witnessed something traumatic, CBD oil may be just what you need.

CBD Anxiety

3. Managing Insomnia

Insomnia is closely related to anxiety. If you have trouble falling asleep at night or staying asleep, you may find mental reprieve with CBD oil. The power of CBD oil to calm the mind and nerves is a major reason why it has become a go-to natural remedy for insomnia.

When looking for a CBD oil to use for a more restful night of sleep, you can select one that has been specially formulated for that very purpose. Alternatively, look for a gentle one that can help put your mind at ease, while being powerful enough to unwind any tension in your body. Vaping CBD oil is a fast-acting delivery method for taking CBD most insomnia sufferers swear by.

4. Improving Mental Clarity

How lucid are you throughout your day? Do you get brain fog regularly? If you want to get rid of those mental cobwebs, then CBD may be able to do the trick for you. Reduced mental clarity is related to having elevated levels of stress. You may have trouble dealing with something due to the serious nature of it. To receive mental clarity, even if you don't suffer from depression, PTSD, or schizophrenia, you may get benefits from taking CBD oil.

If you have tried other things to improve your mental clarity, yet failed to see results, then give CBD oil a try. It may be just the thing you need to receive the results you are looking for.

CBD Mental Focus and Clarity

5. Improving Focus

Are you in need of better focus? If so, CBD may help. If you find it challenging to stay alert throughout your day, especially at work or school, then you may benefit from improved focus by taking CBD. Sometimes, it’s just challenging to even get out of bed and get started on the day. These are all times when CBD oil may come in as your saving grace.

Taking a little bit of CBD oil may provide you with the improved focus you need to stay alert, pay attention, and get motivated to accomplish tasks.

6. Clearing Up Skin

One other popular use for CBD oil due to its effectiveness involves clearing up your skin. CBD oil is usually used to improve the state of something going on internally. However, it may be just as effective for the outside of your body as well.

For example, if you suffer from a bad case of acne, then you can apply some CBD oil topically, or even orally. When you take CBD for a couple of weeks, you will begin to notice your skin improve.

CBD Skin Care

7. Muscle Recovery

People who work out and athletes who perform hard will take CBD to improve their muscle recovery. This is tied to the pain relief CBD may provide. If you push your body to its limits, then you know how sore it can get, especially over the next few days. Thankfully, CBD can come to the rescue.

CBD is regularly taken to help muscles recover faster. This is because this oil can help your body relax after workouts and periods of intense muscle use. All of that tension and strain will simply melt away thanks to CBD oil.

8. Oral Health Care

Probably the most unlikely benefit on the list, and that's oral hygiene. Everyone somewhat has an idea of what CBD oil can do for the body, but who would have though that dental CBD was a real thing? Luckily, we've published an incredibly informative blog that cover the full benefits of CBD and oral health care.

What better way to take your daily dose of CBD that using an organic toothpaste and organic mouthwash combo? And the best part is you can knock out two birds with one stone. Brushing your tooth and freshening your breath all while taking your morning (and nightly, don't forget to brush twice a day) dose of CBD.

CBD Oral Hygiene


These are some of the best uses for CBD oil today, according to science. While there are many more, these have shown the most promise in being treated effectively with CBD. The next time you are suffering from any of these, reach over to your CBD and use it instead of a synthetic alternative.