CBD For Toothaches: The Answer You've Been Looking For

Over the past few years, tons of information has shed light on the potential health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). The natural compound is said to relieve pains and aches caused by a variety of conditions; however, not much has been said about CBD’s potentially beneficial relief of dental pain. Even though the dedication to research and investigate whether or not CBD can provide immediate tooth pain relief is scarce, there is a lot of evidence supporting the claim.

Have you asked your dentist about using CBD for toothaches? Probably not, but why not? It’s widely known that THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory and bone-stimulating properties which can help with conditions like arthritis. So why not dental pain and swelling?

CBD Fast Toothache Relief

What Causes Toothaches?

There are plenty of things that can cause toothaches, including tooth decay, gum disease, dental procedures, dental impaction and even injuries. In most cases though, a toothache comes about as a result of an infection in the structure of the tooth itself, a condition that is referred to as pulpitis. The pulp is the soft area in the center of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. We can feel heat, cold and touch in our teeth because of the pulp in them. When the pulp gets infected or injured, that’s when the pain sets in.

Can CBD Really Help?

CBD being one of the many active compounds found in cannabis plants, has been shown to help alleviate pain in a number of research studies. The compound achieves this by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS. After making its way into the bloodstream, CBD normally interacts with the receptors in the ECS, located all over the body. The ECS plays a huge role in regulating a variety of important processes in the body, including inflammation, the immune system, and metabolism among others. So how can CBD help with immediate tooth pain relief? Let’s take a look:

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

According to research findings, CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is a natural process that the body’s immune system uses to defend itself against infections. In this defense mechanism, the immune system releases chemicals that send more blood to the affected part of the body leading to a buildup of fluid, swelling, and pain.

Through its interaction with the ECS, CBD can help relieve inflammation, by blocking the release of chemicals that lead to inflammation in the first place. This could mean reduced swelling and pain in the affected area; in this case, your beloved teeth.

Antibacterial Properties

CBD is also said to have strong antibacterial properties that can help kill infection-causing bacteria. This is especially useful for fast toothache relief.

CBD works in a plethora of ways to help alleviate your toothache. What’s more, the use of this natural compound has virtually no side effects; something that can’t be said of some over-the-counter pain medications.

It’s also worth mentioning that CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. But that’s like beating a dead horse at this point, seeing as pretty much everybody knows that by now. But in case you didn't, it’s because legally produced CBD is only allowed to have trace amounts of THC. As such, with the use of CBD for immediate tooth pain relief, you can maintain a clear head knowing there are no risks involved in doing so.

Fast Toothache Relief With CBD

You’re able to use a variety of products to ease your dental pain, such as CBD oils, tinctures, edibles and capsules. However, if you want fast toothache relief, it’s highly suggested to use CBD directly on the problem tooth rather than ingesting. This is because it takes time for your body to break down ingested CBD. With application of CBD directly, it gets absorbed nearly instantly and can alleviate your toothache much faster. There is even organic CBD toothpaste and CBD mouthwash available to help in such situations.

It’s important to note, when using CBD to ease a toothache, you want to avoid a dry mouth as it can make the pain worse. Unfortunately, CBD can have this side effect for some people, so it’s recommended to stay hydrated, or chew gum that has xylitol in it. But, considering your tooth is in pain, chewing gum isn’t exactly the smartest idea. This is where CBD toothpaste and mouthwash can be extremely handy as these products contain xylitol.

In The End

Toothaches can be a miserable experience, I know. Having a reliable option to help alleviate pain with minimal to no side effects is great in emergency toothache relief situations, like at night when seeing a dentist is pretty much impossible. Although further research is needed to solidify CBD as the go-to toothache relief option, studies suggest that it already is. There are an array of different CBD products on the market, so ensure that you do your due diligence in finding a company that uses healthy ingredients and avoid chemical junk at all costs.