Nano CBD & Oral Health Care

Here at OraBliss CBD-infused oral health care, we're proud to offer natural products with hand-selected ingredients, designed to bring revolutionary hemp-derived wellness into your dental health routine. We value transparency and education when it comes to our products and learning about amazing cannabinoids like CBD, and how they interact with the body's endocannabinoid system. 

If you've been following along with our blog page, you already know why modern consumers and dentists are so excited about our products. Let's learn more. Another great aspect of OraBliss is that one of the main ingredients in our products is high-quality CBD Nano Isolate. 

Keep reading as we talk about Nano CBD: what it is, and why we choose to implement this particular formulation in our products. 

What is Nanotechnology?

First things first, let's talk about 'Nanotechnology.' According to the CDC, Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on a near-atomic scale to produce new structures, materials, and devices: 

The technology promises scientific advancement in many sectors such as medicine, consumer products, energy, materials and manufacturing. Nanotechnology is generally defined as engineered structures, devices, and systems. Nanomaterials are defined as those things that have a length scale between 1 and 100 nanometers. 

Nanotechnology has opened up a new reality for the scientific community, and with more opportunities for research and development, the hope during this new century is to find beneficial ways to utilize the above-mentioned properties.

What is Nano CBD?

Next, now that we've talked about nanotechnology, let's move on to what it means for the CBD spectrum. Whether you're a novice or connoisseur, you might be asking, "What exactly is Nano CBD?" Simply put: in nano CBD, cannabidiol particles are broken down small enough to look and function like a dissolved substance. Studies have shown the potential benefits of this method:

Researchers found that “NLC (nanostructured lipid carriers) recovery, morphology, dimensional distribution and encapsulation efficiency are presented.”  This means that smaller CBD particles are absorbed by the bloodstream more efficiently than regular-sized particles of CBD.  

Consequently, nano CBD is certainly quite exciting for both researchers and modern consumers focused on innovation within the field of self-care and natural hemp-derived wellness. 

nano cbd dental care nanotechnology

Utilizing Nano CBD for Natural Dental Health Care

So, why use nano CBD for natural dental health care? Because it's the obvious choice when it comes to providing users with the quickest, most effective option to bring them hemp-derived wellness in their daily oral health routine. 

Nano CBD is revolutionary because it gives dental professionals and consumers alike a huge advantage in facilitating the fast deployment of all the potential benefits the cannabidiol compound has to offer. 

OraBliss Oral Health Care: Featuring High-Quality CBD Nano Isolate!

Finally, the hand-selected ingredients used in our CBD-infused toothpaste and mouthwash products are all-natural, that anyone can easily pronounce. We use high-quality CBD nano isolate in our products because we want our customers to receive the benefits of our oral health care products using the quickest way and most effective way possible. 

Above all else, we care deeply about the personal wellness and dental health of our consumers. Our choice of ingredients is a testament to that philosophy. 

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