5 of The Best Ways to Take CBD Oil For Maximum Effectiveness

The CBD market has blown past the $1 billion mark in 2020 and is projected to reach nearly double that by 2022. That is a ten-fold increase since 2014, which goes to show you how fast this industry is growing. Given all of the benefits of CBD that researchers keep discovering, it isn’t difficult to see why this explosive growth is occurring.

There are several ways you can take CBD to experience the incredible benefits it provides. With so many choices, how do you choose which way to consume it? We’ve got you covered! We will go in-depth about the four best ways to take CBD oil for maximum effectiveness.

Ways to Take CBD Oil

  • Tincture Drops
  • Oil Capsules
  • Vaporized Oil
  • Gummies
  • Topicals
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Transdermal patches
  • Bath bombs
  • Balms
  • Salves

Out of all of these, here are the five best ways to take CBD oil to receive their maximum benefits:

CBD Tinctures

Tincture drops are perfect for you if you want to take CBD on a daily basis. It is also excellent to take in specific situations, such as if you want quick relief from an issue like anxiety. Both new and experienced users of CBD can all benefit from taking CBD tincture drops.

A CBD oil tincture is very easy to use. You simply take a dropper filled with CBD oil and release the oil under your tongue. This delivery method works quickly and efficiently, and is the most versatile out of any method.

A CBD tincture contains high-potency CBD that you hold under your tongue for around half a minute. This will allow it to quickly permeate the single-cell-thick membrane under your tongue and begin delivering its benefits. Sure, you can just swallow it as well, but it will pass through the digestive tract. This reduces the speed and efficiency of the absorption. When you take CBD tincture sublingually (under your tongue), you will start feeling the magic happen in around half an hour. If you swallow the CBD tincture, it will take 1-2 hours.

If you don’t mind the taste of CBD oil, then this is a great way to take it. However, if you do mind it, you will either want to opt for another way of consuming it, or you can add a dropperful to your favorite foods. However, these days there are different flavors, like mint and berry, that tincture drops come in.

CBD Oil Capsules

Oil capsules are great if you plan on taking CBD every day and are used to take other supplements in capsules. Athletes, travelers, and people new to CBD prefer this method of taking CBD. This is the easiest way to take CBD, especially if you want to receive the exact same amount of CBD every time you take it.

With oil capsules, there is no need to fumble around with a dropper. You won’t have to measure out the proper dosage, and you definitely won’t have to worry about spilling precious CBD all over you or the counter. That is why CBD newbies prefer oil capsules.

If you're someone who takes other supplements, you can add oil capsules to your daily supplement-taking routine. All you need to do is swallow a capsule with the help of some water and you're good to go!

As convenient as CBD oil capsules are, they aren’t as versatile as tincture drops are. Also, you won’t be getting as much bio-availability out of swallowing capsules and having them go through the digestion system. It’s going to take at least an hour to feel the benefits.

CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals are something everyone loves to use, especially athletes. That is because they provide highly-targeted benefits where they are needed the most. Athletes who have muscle pain can quickly apply some topical CBD to the problem area and have their pain melt away. You don’t need to be an athlete to use it. Everyone pulls a muscle or gets sore every now and then.

There are a number of different formulas and concentrations that topicals come in. Depending on what your needs are, you will go with one over another. For example, if you are looking to use a topical after working out, then you will want to get a topic that also has other ingredients like menthol, which applies a cooling sensation to an inflamed area. If you have dry skin, then a thicker cream-like topical will be what you will be looking for.

When you use topicals, you will get the most benefits by using them up to four times every day until your issue goes away. If you want to use a topical daily, then you can opt for a light moisturizer that will deliver some fast-working CBD for overall wellness.

Topicals may get on your clothes if you’re not careful. You will want to give them a few minutes to absorb into your skin before covering the area up. Also, you will want to avoid using topicals on your skin if it is easily irritated.

Vaporized CBD Oil

Vaporized oil is a preferred choice for daily users, especially advanced users. However, new users and travelers also enjoy vaping CBD. Using a portable vaporizer is a common way to take vaporized oil because of how easy it is to use.

This method of taking CBD works remarkably fast. It will get right into the bloodstream, which means you will feel the benefits almost instantly. It is also a lot more efficient. When you take CBD orally, you sometimes absorb as little as 15% of it. With vaping, you will absorb nearly all of the CBD you vape.

Vaporized oil can be your preferred way of consuming CBD if you want to avoid hauling around CBD oil bottles. You can just place the CBD oil into your vaping device at the start of your day and then vape the CBD you need anytime throughout the day. Today, there are also many flavors you can get with CBD vape liquid.

Vaping delivers CBD very quickly. However, if you have asthma or lung issues, you will probably want to use a different method of CBD ingestion. Athletes are especially prone to shy away from vaping CBD oil.

CBD Mouthwash

Although using CBD mouthwash, or any other dental care product for that matter, isn't super popular, trust us, it will be. We can go on and on about why CBD mouthwash and CBD toothpaste is something you should invest in, but we've done it countless times. Check out are blog on CBD Dental Care!


Now that you know the five best ways to take CBD oil for maximum effectiveness, you have a clearer understanding of what will work best for you. Whether you take it as tincture drops, oil capsules, vaporized oil, mouthwash or topicals, CBD oil will deliver its remarkable benefits quickly and effectively. It has become one of the fastest-growing natural remedies for a good reason.