CBD: The Future of Dental Care

If you've been following along with our blog page, we've been discussing the various advantages of choosing OraBliss CBD-infused all-natural toothpaste and mouthwash for your daily oral health care - as well as the advantages of including our products in your dental office or clinic. And for good reason! CBD(cannabidiol) is quickly becoming a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals for people searching for a more natural solution to their daily oral health care needs. 

Our expert team believes in the future of CBD as a game-changing compound within the scope of oral health and dental care. With the wealth of data that already exists, and the incoming stream of data that is surely yet to come, vast numbers of savvy consumers and dental professionals are realizing the incredible potential of hemp-derived alternative wellness. 

So, why do we believe that CBD is "The Future of Dental Care?" Here are a just a few of the reasons: 

CBD: The Present & Future of the 'All-Natural' Global Movement 

The all-natural movement has been brewing globally for some time now, and within these past few decades it has exploded into the mainstream and captured the hearts and minds of conscientious health-minded modern consumers. No longer are folks satisfied with using products that have not-so-great side-effects and with ingredients they cannot pronounce. 

One major reason why we believe that CBD is the future of dental care is that cannabidiol occurs naturally within the hemp plant — and so you can feel good about all the potential benefits you're getting with CBD-infused products — because they're coming from nature, itself. 

By the Numbers: Future CBD Market Sales Projections

In any industry (and especially within the CBD market) it is important to pay attention to Data Analytics when making consumer and stock decisions. Considering the future of CBD strictly by-the-numbers, it seems like the juggernaut that is the hemp and CBD industry is showing absolutely zero signs of slowing down. 

According to Statista, "it is expected that U.S. consumer sales of cannabidiol (CBD) will reach around 1.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2022, which would represent a significant increase from around half a billion U.S. dollars in 2018." With all the positive momentum happening regarding CBD and dental care, we believe that this growth will certainly include more CBD dental products and innovations. 

More Hemp Research Means More CBD Innovation!

Because of the above-mentioned, astronomical sales projections expected for the CBD industry in the near future, this means there will surely be more hemp research associated with them. This is great news for the overall health of the United States population as we move towards a more natural, organic way of life. 

Our expert team at OraBliss is constantly searching to know more in order to formulate, manufacture, and provide to you the best, highest-quality CBD-infused products currently available on the market. That's why we're thrilled about the 'green' future of CBD and hemp wellness, well into the 21st century and beyond! 

Here at OraBliss CBD-infused Oral Health Care, we care deeply about health and fully believe in the incredible potential of the hemp plant. For more about our CBD-infused products and the latest about the CBD and hemp market, stay tuned to our Blog page! 

Always consult a dentist before making any changes to your oral health care regimen.

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