CBD Concentrate & Dental Health Care: Why Choose Nano-Emulsion

Among the many things that make our OraBliss CBD-infused dental health care products so great—aside from our myriad of natural ingredients—is our dedication to implementing the latest in cutting-edge techniques with your optimal oral health in mind. Our expert team takes pride in being the industry leader when it comes to providing premier organic toothpaste and mouthwash to natural wellness enthusiasts from all over. 

If you’ve been following along with our blog series, in one of our earlier articles we covered nanotechnology as it relates to cannabidiol(CBD) and our products. Let’s get a bit more specific and discuss bioavailability and nano-emulsion in modern oral health care.

The Importance of Bioavailability

What is bioavailability? It is “the potential for uptake of a substance by a living organism. It is usually expressed as the fraction that can be taken up by the organism in relation to the total amount of the substance available.”  In other words, when assessing a particular substance’s bioavailability, we’re talking about the impact and the rate at which it enters systemic circulation within our bodies.

Why is bioavailability important when it comes to choosing the right CBD products for you?  Simply put: when you choose CBD products with greater bioavailability, you’re ensuring that you’ll be getting more effective and faster-acting relief. 

cbd concentrate dental care nano emulsion

Exploring the Basics of CBD Nano-Emulsion

One of the ways through which we can increase the bioavailability of CBD in our wellness products is by using a process known as nano-emulsion. According to PR Newswire

Nanoemulsions are able to dissolve large amount of hydrophobics coupled with ability of protecting drugs from processes such as hydrolysis and enzymatic degradation make them ideal carrier. 

The several advantages of nanoemulsion over conventional emulsion including micro-droplet size of nanoemulsion with higher efficiency as a better carrier. The aforementioned factors are driving growth of the global nanoemulsion market.

As you can see, there’s a reason why nano-emulsion is being widely implemented in the formulation of modern CBD oral health care and wellness products, in order to bring more a effective experience to the consumer. 

About Our OraBliss Natural Ingredients! 

Now that you know some basics about why we choose nano-emulsion, let’s talk ingredients. Our team places a profound importance in being transparent with the ones we care about the most – Our Customers. We avoid posting our ingredients in extra-small print, we’re here to lay it all out! That’s why we have compiled a full list of our ingredients and their benefits for your oral health.

Our ingredients are hand-selected to provide optimal wellness. They’re organic and natural without any of the extra ‘gunk’ you’ll find in most over-the-counter products. We’ve got essential oils, himalayan pink salt, Aloe vera, zinc, and more; we’re proud to offer only the best for your oral health. 

Stay tuned for more blogs that cover all of our amazing ingredients in more detail & Don’t Miss Out on the Bliss!

cbd concentrate dental care nano emulsion

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