Biodegradability in the Hemp Industry

Here at OraBliss, our team is all about providing our new and loyal customers with the best, all-natural oral health care products on the market. There are so many things that make our CBD-infused mouthwash and toothpaste great, from our ingredients to our processes. 

Furthermore, we’re also deeply committed to sustainability and ensuring that the proper information regarding hemp is illuminated. In one of our previous blogs, we talked about CBD nanotechnology. Let’s keep exploring.  

Keep reading as we’ll now discuss the importance of biodegradability in the hemp industry and for our world at large. 

What is ‘Biodegradability’?

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First, let’s talk about the basic definition of biodegradability. According to ScienceDirect

Biodegradability is the capacity for biological degradation of organic materials by living organisms down to the base substances such as water, carbon dioxide, methane, basic elements and biomass.

Why is ‘Biodegradability’ Such a Crucial Issue?

Simply put, while the legalization of hemp on a federal scale is surely a positive thing, there are drawbacks. Chief among them: unnecessary waste. Many projections figure on the legal hemp market to grow exponentially well into the 21st century. So, our goal as environmentally-conscious humans is to make sure that we’re not making things worse. 

With so much growth happening so quickly — and many products on the market with various packaging specifications and considerations — it’s crucial to maintain the appropriate standards to ensure there is minimal damage to the environment. 

Fortunately, there are many forward-minded thinking organizations that are doing their part to help.

What’s Happening Regarding Biodegradability in the Hemp/CBD Industries?

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In fact, we’re glad to say that there is a growing movement in support of biodegradability within the legal hemp and cannabis industries. This is great news considering the tremendous amount of growth that is projected for this market in the near future, and also into the coming decades. 


According to CannabisTech, one such approach that seems to have been getting lots of traction as of late is the stellar idea of ‘hemp plastics’:


When made with biodegradable polymers, hemp plastic is completely biodegradable, unlike regular plastics. 

Plastic pollution is growing at such an alarming rate because it just keeps piling up and up. In fact, most plastic items will take up to 1,000 years before they actually decompose. 


Hemp plastic, on the other hand, only takes about 3 to 6 months to fully decompose — and it can be recycled indefinitely. 


The increasing viability of hemp plastic as an alternate packaging source has tremendous potential. Just imagine: a legal hemp industry in which the products and the packaging are both made of hemp and hemp-derived products. It’s a surefire win/win! 


OraBliss, Biodegradability, & Our Bamboo Toothbrushes

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